Zoltan Szomor

About Me

A/Prof. Zoltan Szomor

As an experienced orthopaedic surgeon I provide my patients with a professional and personal service, being there for them when they need me most. Since beginning my Orthopaedic practice in 1993, I have always been committed and hardworking, striving to ensure that my patients overall experience with my practice is both professional and personable.

Spending time with and getting to know a patient is an important part of consultations. I have found to be fundamental for patients to gain a full understanding of their clinical condition, appropriate treatment options and in ultimately achieving successful outcomes. In addition, I employ the most advanced and proven surgical techniques, and use prostheses composed of ‘gold standard’ materials as per current scientific evidence.

Prior to completing my fellowship at the Australian Orthopaedic Association, my initial medical training was completed overseas in Hungary. This means not only can I consult in English but I’m fluent in Hungarian.

Knowledgeable and Specialised Orthopaedic Care

I have more than 25 years’ experience as an orthopaedic surgeon, undertaking over 3,000 consultations and performing in excess of 600 operations every year.

A large number of these operations are hip and knee replacement procedures, which has allowed me to specialise in:

  • hip and knee surgery, including joint replacement
  • hip and knee primary and revision arthroplasty
  • knee ligament reconstruction
  • robotic knee replacement, and 
  • arthroscopic surgery.

An important aspect of my practice is being able to offer my patients the latest joint replacement surgical techniques to achieve optimal results. I am able to do so by keeping up-to-date with the latest research, clinical and technological developments across the globe. For total knee replacements, I use one of the most advanced, Information on Ceramic Coated ACS Implants available on the market. Futhermore, I can offer patients minimally invasive knee procedures including Robotic Knee Replacement surgery.

The SuperPATH Technique

I was one of the first orthopaedic surgeons in Australia to practice the minimally-invasive, tissue-sparing surgical technique for total hip replacement surgery—the SuperPATH. Utilising this technique usually leads to a quicker recovery and accelerated rehabilitation, while minimising pain.

Knee Joint Revision Rate - How do I compare?

My average knee joint replacement revision rate is about half compared to the national average of 0.66 revisions per 100 observed years (based on the National Joint Replacement Registry data for the past decade).

My Support Team


Bookings & Administration

Joanna is your main point of contact for surgery bookings and any associated follow-up before and after your surgery.  She also looks after billing and research.


Reception & Administration

Narelle co-ordinates the reception and will be your first point of contact. She will organise your appointment and assist you with any further investigations, referrals and follow-up appointments.


Medical Typist

Kim is a highly experienced medical typist responsible for preparation of all medical reports and correspondence.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

An important aspect of the patients’ journey post-surgery is a carefully planned rehabilitation and physiotherapy program to aid optimal recovery and achieve the best long-term outcomes.

Active and early management of pain and swelling is crucial for accelerated recovery, this begins immediately after surgery. All patients are encouraged to be getting out of bed and start mobilising as early as possible, often only a few hours following their surgery. Once patients are comfortable and safe for discharge from hospital they continue their rehabilitation from home as an out-patient, or if necessary as an in-patient at a rehabilitation hospital.

Surgical Team

Maintaining a strong relationship with my surgical teams is an important aspect of ensuring a streamlined and safe surgery is conducted for all of my patients.